Proudly Serving Calgary and the Greater Area
Proudly Serving Calgary and the Greater Area
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    Residential Electrician Services

    Your home electrical needs are important to us at Platinum Electrical Services.. Our knowledgeable team of residential electricians are always happy to assist you, we can help you with:
    • Kitchen | Bathroom Renovations
    • New Home Construction
    • 24hr Emergency Service
    • LED Lighting Upgrades
    • Electrical Panel Upgrades
    • Garage Electrical Sub Panels
    • Plugs, Switches, & Wiring
    • Hot Tub Installations
    • Lighting
    • Electrical Inspections
    • Smoke Detector / Carbon Monoxide Detector
    • Main Electrical Service Upgrade
    • Chandelier Installation
    • Surge Protection
    • Energy-Efficient Upgrades
    Electrician Cutting Yellow Wire
    Don’t just let anyone into your home to assess your electrical issues, have a courteous Journeyman residential electrician detect and solve your issues. Book an appointment today or call now for an emergency request.

    Residential Electrician FAQ's

    Although being an electrician is not a bad paying job, it is not easy to become rich working as an electrician.

    Electricians work with electricity, which is a dangerous job. A level of hazard pay is added into most electricians fees. Electrical companies have added costs on top of the rate of the Electrician doing the work. Some of the costs electrical companies face are gas, vehicle maintenance, insurance, and tools. Most electricians have an average of $3000-$5000 in tools to perform the work required in the electrical industry, where electrical companies face even higher prices for specialty tools to perform some industrial and commercial tasks.

    Average commercial electricians have been known to make more than their residential counterparts. This is by no means a rule, just a pattern that is noticeable throughout the trade.

    Electricians usually charge between $90 – $135 an hour in Canada. Some companies charge a minimum fee and some charge a call-out fee to cover the cost of the fuel and travel time to go do smaller jobs.

    In Alberta, you can do your own electrical work so long as you have an electrical permit. It is advised that you hire a professional electrician to perform these tasks as it is easy to make a costly mistake that will cost more to fix in the long run.

    Commercial Electrician Services

    If your company needs a commercial electrician in the Calgary area to perform work, you need Platinum Electrical Services. We offer:
    • New Construction
    • Tenant Upgrades
    • Emergency Electrician
    • Electrical Inspections
    • Emergency lighting
    • Fire Alarm
    • Transformer Installation / Maintenance
    • Electrical Panel Installation
    • LED Lighting Upgrades
    • Electrical Troubleshooting / Maintenance
    • Thermography
    Commercial Dinning Area With Round Lighting Bulbs
    Call now to request a meeting and see how our commercial electricians can assist you.

    Commercial Electrician FAQ's

    A commercial electrician works primarily in the commercial industry on a wide variety of electrical installations. The typical commercial electrician install a lot of pipe such as EMT, and pull wire through the pipe from box to box. In the commercial industry, it is common to mainly work on 3 phase electrical systems which differ from residential single-phase systems. Commercial buildings are normally supplied with either 3 phase 600V which requires the use of a transformer to step it down to a 120/208V electrical system to power office plugs and regular appliances.

    Commercial Electricians make between $35- $44 /hr depending on where they work and the skills they possess.

    Union electricians and industrial electricians tend to make more than any other electricians.

    Industrial electricians usually work in the oil and gas industries and other hazardous locations while commercial electricians work more in regular business buildings such as schools, offices, warehouses, and stores.

    Industrial Electrician Services

    We offer the following Industrial Electrical Services:
    • Controls Wiring
    • Circuit Tracing
    • Installation Of New Electrical Equipment
    • Thermography reports
    • PLCs Installation / Troubleshooting / Maintenance
    • Equipment Troubleshooting
    • Equipment Electrical Maintenance
    • Electrical Panel Maintenance
    • Fire Alarm
    • 24hr Emergency Electrician
    Top View Of Industrial Field
    We are not limited to these services. Call us now to discuss your installation, maintenance, and repair requirements.
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