Proudly Serving Calgary and the Greater Area
Proudly Serving Calgary and the Greater Area
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Electrical Panels & Subpanels

It doesn’t matter how modern or efficient your appliances may be, they still require electricity to run. You could have the most advanced infrastructure in the world, but if you don’t have the necessary power to bear the load you won’t be able to fully utilize them. The electrical panel is what keeps everything ticking along when it can’t handle the load. This is when your appliances, lighting, and all other electrical items fail to function properly.

When this is happening you may notice flickering lights or sporadic power to certain appliances, and it doesn’t matter how many times you wiggle the wires it won’t fix the problem. The best solution at this stage is to opt for an electrical panel upgrade. Our talented and knowledgeable electrical technicians are highly experienced and can provide you with the best electrical panel upgrade to fit your budget and situation, and they’ll walk you through every step of the process.

Don’t sit in the dark, call us at PES and arrange for our friendly team to upgrade your electrical panel. You’ll never have to worry about a tripper breaker or power outage again.

Always Hire a Professional

No matter how urgent any electrical repairs seem, it’s never okay to attempt to handle them on your own. Trying to take care of electrical problems without professional training is extremely dangerous. If you or someone else aren’t hurt during your attempt, there’s still a chance that you’ve left something undone that poses a huge risk to you, your home, or your family. In fact, faulty electrical wiring is the number one cause of house fires in the Canada, according to the National Fire Protection Agency. So in order to make sure that your home is safe, always rely on a professional for any electrical services.

When searching for a reliable electrician, call us at (587) 896-3351. We specialize in electrical repairs, indoor and outdoor lighting installations, panel upgrades, and even hot tub wiring!