Proudly Serving Calgary and the Greater Area
Proudly Serving Calgary and the Greater Area
Platinum Electrical Services-24h Services

24H Emergency Electricians

Schedule our Certified Journeyman Electricians to help you solve any electrical needs. We offer 24 Emergency services for whenever you experience an electrical problem. We service the following:
  • Industrial Electrical Emergencies
  • Commercial Electrical Emergencies
  • Residential Electrical Emergencies
  • Fire Alarm Emergencies
Don’t let just anyone try and fix your electrical issues, have experienced 24 Emergency Electricians bring quick solutions to your home or business.


In the event of an electrical emergency, the immediate thing you must do is to safely disconnect the circuit if is possible. The second thing to do is if there is fire, call the fire department if there is no fire call an emergency electrician to investigate the cause of the issue. It is never a good idea to investigate an electrical issue on your own as the danger could be still present and you are putting yourself in danger by looking into the cause.

Electricians work with electricity, which is a dangerous job. A level of hazard pay is added into most electricians fees. Electrical companies have added costs on top of the rate of the Electrician doing the work. Some of the costs electrical companies face are gas, vehicle maintenance, insurance, and tools. Most electricians have an average of $3000-$5000 in tools to perform the work required in the electrical industry, where electrical companies face even higher prices for specialty tools to perform some industrial and commercial tasks.

The stages of an electrician in Alberta are as follows:
Get a company to indenture you
1st year apprentice
2nd year apprentice
3rd year apprentice
4th year apprentice
Journeyman Electrician
Red Seal Journeyman Electrician
Master Electrician
Safety Codes Officer Group A & B
Electricians can also achieve a blue and gold seal with some further education. These are usually achieved by electricians in management or by individuals looking to get into management.

Electricians work with electricity in a manner that eliminates the hazards associated with electricity in scenarios where the power stays on. Electricity is a dangerous thing and should always be de-energized every chance possible to avoid unnecessary risk.