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Proudly Serving Calgary and the Greater Area
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    About Us
    Reliable Residential & Commercial Electrical Services

    PES is one of the leading specialists for mechanical and electrical services in Calgary and the surrounding areas, providing both residential and commercial electrician services. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we aim to deliver a smooth and efficient experience right from the beginning to the very end and including everything in between. Our friendly, knowledgeable, and professional electrical technicians are committed to maintaining our exceptional standards and delivering high-quality results.

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    Electrician Services
    As professional electrical contractors, we ensure that all of our electrical technicians are Journeyman qualified. We are always ready to assist you, offering a 24hr emergency service to troubleshoot and solve any electrical failures you are experiencing, including industrial, residential, and commercial electrical needs.

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    Mechanical Services
    With over 40 years of experience, there isn’t much that surprises our team of electrical technicians. We have dealt with a wide range of issues from steam-operated processing to complex CNC’s. It’s our mission to deliver quick solutions and ensure your equipment is always performing at its best.

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    Dental & Medical
    Our commercial electricians are trained to diagnose and repair malfunctioning healthcare equipment. We understand the importance of operating business as usual and are happy to arrange for our electrical technicians to conduct the service of your equipment offsite.

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    What Our Clients Say
    Excellent, on time, and complete...
    The service was excellent, on time, and complete, even in the extreme cold. Thanks again. - Michael Clancy
    What Our Clients Say
    Knowledgeable and professional, highly recommend!
    Had an electrical emergency and platinum electrical was very responsive and sent someone right away. Knowledgeable and professional, highly recommend! - Jeff and Jen
    What Our Clients Say
    Very responsive, easy to work with!
    We've hired Peter twice. First time to change out a breaker and the second time to install pot lights. He's very responsive, easy to work with, and gets the job done. Would highly recommend. - Eric L
    What Our Clients Say
    Highly recommend them to others
    I'm very satisfied with the service, Brett is very accommodating, friendly and I highly recommend them to others. Thanks once again and would love to use your service again in the future.... - Theresa Chinalpan
    What Our Clients Say
    Professional, Reliable & Cost Effective
    Platinum Electrical Services was great and helped complete my project. Peter was professional and great at his job. I found him to be very friendly and trustworthy. - Brett Pharr
    What Our Clients Say
    Professional, Reliable & Cost Effective
    Platnum Electrical did a great job in transfering our thermostat from the second floor to the main floor with no big mess on the walls. - Joe Bigornia
    Emergency Electrical Services

    If this is an emergency outside of normal business hours, call us

    (587) 896-3351
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    Maintenance Plans
    With our Platinum maintenance plan you won’t find yourself in a panic wondering who to call when you’re having problems.
    Mechanical / Electrical Maintenance
    • For small and large sized businesses
    • Identification on reporting, maintaining & servicing
    • Annually and semi-annually Package
    • Monthly package
    • Weekly and bi-weekly package.

    Electrical Maintenance
    • Tightening of terminations
    • Clean electrical panels
    • Clean transformers
    • Clean switch gear
    • Backups of PLC programs
    • Annually and semi-annually package
    • Monthly package

    Mechanical Maintenance
    • Covers all mechanical equipment
    • Qualified Industrial Mechanic (Millwright) technicians
    • Custom maintenance plan
    • Checking the conditions of conveyor systems
    • Maintenance to compressors and CNC machines
    • full inspection of the equipment

    IR Thermography Inspections
    • Thermography Preventative Maintenance Package
    • scanning of mechanical and electrical equipment
    • Monthly, semi-annual and annual basis scanning
    • A detailed report of all findings

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    Our experienced electricians are highly trained in all aspects of electrical service, from office lighting and security systems to emergency repair.

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    Commonly Asked Questions

    Electrical technicians are usually electricians that specialize in troubleshooting electrical problems for industrial equipment such as CNC machines, PLC, and motor controls. An electrical technician doesn’t have to specialize in these fields, which is where the term is usually used.

    There is no real difference between an electrician and an electrical technician. The term is primarily used to describe someone who works more with electronics vs someone who would install electrical systems with that said someone qualified to work on electronics is not necessarily qualified to work on electrical systems but electricians are qualified to work on any and all electrical equipment.

    A service electrician is an electrician that usually handles the troubleshooting and repairs of electrical equipment that is not working properly. This type of work tends to be smaller in nature as sometimes the issues are loose connections, blown fuses, or faulty breakers. Service electricians usually have diagnostic equipment to help them pinpoint the failure points and circuit tracers to find where a circuit goes to.

    There is no right answer. A fair price can not be pinpointed to a set number as some electricians have a wider skill set than others and so a premium price tag sometimes is accounted for. It is not uncommon for some electrical companies to charge $80 -$135/hr to perform certain tasks. On the other hand, you can also find unlicensed, uninsured electricians on classified ads offering far lower rates. The more skills and tools a company can provide to accomplish a task, most often than not demands a higher hourly or flat rate to do so. A fair price is a price you will feel comfortable paying for a certain skill set, professionalism, and accountability you want from an electrician.

    Electricians usually charge between $90 – $135 an hour in Canada. Some companies charge a minimum fee and some charge a call-out fee to cover the cost of the fuel and travel time to go do smaller jobs.

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