Proudly Serving Calgary and the Greater Area
Proudly Serving Calgary and the Greater Area
Electrician Working On A Circuit As Part Of Electrical Maintenance
Electrical Maintenance
The Electrical Preventative Maintenance Package is for both commercial and industrial customers. This package includes the tightening of terminations to avoid the arcing & sparking which eliminates nuisance tripping and electrical fire hazards. Our Electricians will clean electrical panels, transformers, switch gear, and all electrical equipment. Backups of PLC programs will be done to ensure you always have your most recent working software incase of corruption, data loss and PLC failures. We will check the functionality of photo eyes and all other types of sensors and relays your facility may incorporate. Monthly, semi-annual and annual options available. Get a qualified Journeyman Electrician to discuss this Package today.

Electrical Maintenance - FAQ's

Only ticketed electricians and apprentice electricians can perform electrical work. A general maintenance person is not allowed to perform electrical work and should contact an electrician to do the work required.

Electrical maintenance is a preventative and planned measure to prevent electrical equipment from failing unpredictably when you need it the most. Electrical maintenance helps to find failing breakers, overloaded circuits, damaged/exposed wires, and catch electrical safety/code violations.

Electrical maintenance is important to catch potential costly failures before they end up failing. Regular routine maintenance can be used to find overloaded circuits in your electrical panel, to tighten electrical terminations, to avoid electrical fires and to catch safe and code infractions that previously would have gone unnoticed.