Proudly Serving Calgary and the Greater Area
Proudly Serving Calgary and the Greater Area
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Electrical Maintenance

The Electrical Preventative Maintenance Package is for both commercial and industrial customers. This package includes the tightening of terminations to avoid the arcing & sparking which eliminates nuisance tripping and electrical fire hazards. Our Electricians will clean electrical panels, transformers, switch gear, and all electrical equipment. Backups of PLC programs will be done to ensure you always have your most recent working software incase of corruption, data loss and PLC failures. We will check the functionality of photo eyes and all other types of sensors and relays your facility may incorporate. Monthly, semi-annual and annual options are available.


Why You Should Get Your Electrical Maintained Every Year 

The safety of a building is a major concern for any home or commercial building owner. The top element that is linked with this safety concern is electricity. Electricity offers the power needed to perform and achieve many things but on the other hand, poses major hazards as it can cause not only property damage but the loss of lives. Because of this, it is very important to prioritize maintaining a safe electrical system that functions as it should. The best way of doing this is to have regular inspection and maintenance from reputable professionals who have the expertise to inspect, diagnose, fix and prevent any issue that stem from the system.


What Is Included In Electrical Maintenance?

Electrical maintenance is performed by executing diagnostic and preventive measures. It involves inspection, upgrading, performance evaluation, cleaning, and repairs. It also includes electrical code assessment and adjustments to ensure that the electrical system is not only safe but code compliant.

We offer a comprehensive electrical maintenance package that can be customized to cater to your unique needs and schedule. Our package includes services such as:


  1. Performance check on appliances, switchgear, sensors, motor controls, and switches
  2. Cleaning of transformers, panels, regulators, and other equipment
  3. Grounding
  4. Surge protection
  5. Electrical service for Ground Fault Circuit Breakers (GFCI) and Arc Fault Circuit Breakers (AFCI)
  6. Inspection of wiring and terminals
  7. Inspection of motion detection systems and alarms 
  8. Electrical code corrections

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Importance Of Electrical Maintenance

Electrical maintenance plays a major role in maintaining continuous and smooth operations. Apart from that this service offers the following benefits:


Reduced Energy Bill

Older electrical systems and malfunctioning electrical appliances will consume more power. Electrical maintenance involves getting the entire electrical system checked to ensure that it is not overloaded and is in optimum condition. Electrical appliances are also checked to ensure that they are performing as they should. When the electrical system is working efficiently and the equipment has high performance, energy consumption will greatly reduce.


Added Protection For Electrical Appliances

Some of the electrical appliances used in our daily operations both at home and in the office are a huge investment. They should be taken care of to preserve their quality and prolong their functioning status. The electrical system should be in great condition as it plays a huge role in determining how long appliances will last and how much they will consume.  Electrical maintenance for appliances is a preventative measure that will add protection to electrical equipment through a thorough inspection to check and improve the performance of appliances to promote proper consumption of power. If any issues are detected, professional repair should be done to avoid extensive damage or breakdown. 


Reduced Energy Costs

Electrical maintenance will identify any defect in your appliances or electrical system that may be the cause of electrical issues and high power consumption. If these two elements are in great condition then the consumption of energy will reduce which means the utility bill will be less.  The electrician performing a maintenance check will also offer you recommendations to ensure your power is used efficiently. 


Prevention Of Fire

Minor issues such as short circuits, flickering lights, or faulty wirings can be overlooked and this, unfortunately, can at times lead to electrical fires. Old, faulty, or overused installations, wiring, and fixtures should be identified and replaced during a routine electrical inspection as they are the common triggers to major electrical issues. 



The main goal of electrical maintenance is to identify and remove possible hazards. Apart from checking for faulty wiring and overloaded circuits, regular maintenance also involves checking for potential risks of electrocution, electric shots, and fire risks to ensure the safety of the people in the home or commercial building. 


Minimal Disruptions

Manual and automated productivity can be greatly affected by electrical outages or issues. Energy is used in most professional and personal activities and these daily operations can be greatly affected if there is a problem with the electrical system. Maintenance of the electrical system will see to it that there are minimal disruptions in the processes that use power.


Electrical Standard Code

There is a National Electric Code in each region that the electric system needs to adhere to. A routine inspection will establish if your building is protected by having a system operating within the highest level of safety electrical standards. The codes change from time to time and during the electrical maintenance check, you will be notified of the current codes that you need to upgrade to. 


It is always better to identify and deal with minor issues than face the costly consequences when the small issues blow up and cause extensive damage. Platinum Electrical Services offers comprehensive electrical maintenance to identify and sort any electrical issue you have and ensure that your electrical system operates in the best condition. Call us today to get more information about this service from one of our highly qualified electricians.

Electrical Maintenance - FAQ's

Only ticketed electricians and apprentice electricians can perform electrical work. A general maintenance person is not allowed to perform electrical work and should contact an electrician to do the work required.

Electrical maintenance is a preventative and planned measure to prevent electrical equipment from failing unpredictably when you need it the most. Electrical maintenance helps to find failing breakers, overloaded circuits, damaged/exposed wires, and catch electrical safety/code violations.

Electrical maintenance is important to catch potential costly failures before they end up failing. Regular routine maintenance can be used to find overloaded circuits in your electrical panel, to tighten electrical terminations, to avoid electrical fires and to catch safe and code infractions that previously would have gone unnoticed.

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