Proudly Serving Calgary and the Greater Area
Proudly Serving Calgary and the Greater Area
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Robotic Automation & CNC Programming

Robotic automation isn’t just a trend—it’s an essential component of your business growth. In fact, it’s a manufacturing approach with the potential to dramatically and permanently alter a company’s course. However, automating at increasingly rapid rates necessitates more fundamental modifications to manufacturing systems. If made incorrectly, these changes can derail a company’s progress.

Fully automated CNC processes require the use of a program capable of generating incredibly intricate CNC programming. Most importantly, the programming must be precise for the equipment to perform specific tasks without requiring manual assistance.

We know you’re busy and don’t have time to worry about the details of your CNC programming. That’s why we here at Platinum Electrical Services are here to help. You can have your workload automated with integrated solutions using advanced probing, robotic cells, and motion tools through CNC automation and programming technology. Our trusted partners—who have over 20 years of experience with CAD/CAM, machine tools, programming, and applications—will handle all your robotic automation and CNC programming needs such as:

  • Design for manufacturing
  • Manufacturing engineering
  • High-speed machining
  • Machine Tool Simulation
  • Mastercam Instructor
  • Macro B Programming
The Importance  of Robotic Automation & CNC Programming

As the global economy changes, business owners are forced to make more decisions about their company’s direction. 

Many find themselves turning toward automation—a process that will increase efficiency and profits while driving down costs at the same time. So if you’ve been thinking about robotic automation, now is the time to take that next step.

Here are just some of the ways your company will benefit from robotic automation:

Productivity gains

By using robotic automation, you can increase output while decreasing the hours it takes to get that work done. In short: you get more results, for less time.

Highly efficient processes

With a properly programmed robot taking care of your repetitive tasks, employees will be able to focus on other things—like customer service and product development—that contribute toward business growth.

Reduced labor costs

By replacing human labor with robotic automation, you can cut costs and even improve efficiency. For businesses that need to keep their budgets lean, this is a highly attractive proposition.

Always Hire A Professional

Automation has been credited with a variety of advantages for CNC operations, including improved consistency and quality and lower manufacturing expenses. So, let us take care of all your robotic automation and CNC programming needs so that you can focus on what matters most – growing your business! Get in touch today and find out how we can help you and your company.