Proudly Serving Calgary and the Greater Area
Proudly Serving Calgary and the Greater Area
Medical Equipment Repair
Medical Equipment Repair

From pharmaceutical companies to hospitals, it is important for every piece of medical equipment to operate at its absolute best so that patients’ safety is not compromised. That’s why it is important for physicians and surgeons to have a dependable resource that they can rely on when technical equipment malfunctions or breaks down during surgery or practice.

Electrical Services can solve your medical equipment issues. We are qualified electrical contractors experienced in servicing pneumatic circuits, hydraulic equipment, and electrical issues such as fuses or power losses on equipment. We can also perform a mechanical diagnosis of any mechanical equipment to ensure the best solution.

We understand that time is of the essence, that’s why we usually respond to requests on the same day and can pick up equipment for an off-site inspection. There’s no need to pay extensive rates for out-of-town electrical contractors when you have the very best on your doorstep. Call us and arrange to have your medical equipment fixed.


Why Choose Platinum Electrical Services For Medical Equipment Repair?

  • Professionals with Experience in Medical Industry

Our licensed electricians have the knowledge, skills, and experience to solve issues with your medical equipment.


  • Timely Response

Whether you need emergency electrical repairs or routine maintenance of utility systems in hospitals, we make sure to respond to service calls as soon as possible.


  • Off-Site Inspections and Pickup of Equipment

If your equipment needs an extensive diagnosis, we can pick it up for off site inspection so that you aren’t compromising patient care while waiting for our technicians to arrive.


What Is Included In Medical Equipment Repair

  • Platinum Electrical Services can provide assistance with the following services:

    • 1)  Routine Electrical Repairs and Maintenance of Pneumatic Circuits, Hydraulic Systems, or other Electrical Components
    • 2)  Repairing Fuses on Electronics Boards in Medical Equipment
    • 3)  Power Outages Caused by a Faulty Circuit Breaker
    • 4)  Replacing Main Power Cords
    • 5)  Emergency Calls for Equipment Malfunctions

    Medical equipment support can include repairing or replacing emergency battery backups, fixing gas flow issues in medical vacuum systems, and other breakdowns that require immediate attention. We also offer regular maintenance packages so you don’t have to worry about sudden malfunctions of your hospital utility equipment.


Always Hire A Professional

  • It is important to note that all types of medical equipment are considered Class I, Division II hazardous materials. That means they have the potential for causing minor burns or irritation if mishandled.

    Our technicians are trained on how to handle these issues safely and will make sure there’s minimal risk of exposing oneself to an electrical hazard.

    You can rely on us to have your medical equipment up and running again in no time at all. Call us today to get more information about this service from one of our highly qualified professionals.