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Proudly Serving Calgary and the Greater Area
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24 Mar, 2021
Posted by Platinum Electrical Services
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Why you should consider energy-efficient upgrades for your home

When it comes to making energy-efficient upgrades to your home, there are many factors to consider. Making these changes will help you save money on energy bills, but that is not the only advantage. Any energy-efficient upgrades will require expert advice and installation by a residential electrician, who will be able to advise on upgrades and provide electrical services to turn your plans into a reality. Platinum Electrical Services are not only electricians in Calgary that can help with energy-efficient upgrades to your home, but we are here to also advise you on the benefits of this electrical work.


More Working From Home

Over the past year, more and more people are working from home, spending more time indoors due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has swept the globe. Therefore, more people are considering home alterations to improve their living conditions. If you are unsure of what home improvements would be best for your property, a residential electrician may be able to advise you on this.


Cheaper Energy Bills

One of the main benefits of energy-efficient upgrades is lower energy bills. It is estimated that 40% of the energy used in the country is consumed by residential and commercial buildings. For every $2000 spent on energy bills each year, between 10% and 20% of this could be saved with energy-efficient upgrades such as reducing drafts and air leaks and updating heating systems.


Improved Heat Retention

Many older homes have poor heating systems, old electrical meters, and drafts. A study by the Energy Savings Trust in the UK found that 65% of an average household’s energy use to heat the empty space in rooms. Better heating systems can improve this, and smart meters can help you monitor your energy use, using it more efficiently. Electrician services provides can install smart meters and any other energy-efficient technology in your home.


Government Grants/Financial Support

One other reason why you should consider energy-efficient upgrades to your home is that there are many government grants or incentives currently available to go towards energy-efficient changes. More information on these grants can be found on government websites, and a residential electrician can work with you to get the most out of your grant money. For those looking for electricians in Calgary,  such as Platinum Electrical Services, information on energy-efficient rebates can also be found here.


Positive Impact on the Environment

Energy-efficient upgrades mean that properties use less power. This, therefore, means that there is less demand for power, and the power plants that generate the energy produce fewer carbon emissions. Carbon emissions have a negative impact on the planet, leading to issues such as global warming and negative effects on biodiversity. Canada has one of the highest levels of carbon emissions in the world, so any steps to help reduce this are important.



Energy-efficient upgrades have many benefits from saving you money to helping the planet. Energy-efficient appliances and lighting, as well as the installation of smart meters by electrician services, are a great way to start with this. If you are looking for electricians in Calgary to help you make these improvements, Platinum Electrical Services can help. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote. We would be happy to help.