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Proudly Serving Calgary and the Greater Area
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21 Jul, 2021
Posted by Platinum Electrical Services
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Why Electrical Inspections Are Essential To Residential & Commercial Properties!?

An electrical inspection should always be your first priority when buying or renting a property. It is an essential aspect of determining if a home or commercial space is ready for occupancy or requires minor repairs. Electrical problems can lead to various unsafe scenarios, and if left unattended, it can be detrimental to everyone in your family or business. However, you can have your home and equipment evaluated first with the assistance of a licensed electrician. These checks should be performed regularly to ensure that all of your devices and cables are in good functioning order. This may also help to reduce the chances of an accident occurring.


Why An Electrical Inspection Is A Must For Your Home?

An electrical inspection is necessary for a variety of reasons. Electrical inspection services can help you decide whether or not to buy an older home because older wiring cannot sustain current living necessities. Furthermore, you should always have a complete electrical check when acquiring a home.

Homeowners renovate and install equipment that sometimes goes un-inspected due to not pulling an electrical permit. General home inspectors are not as keen on noticing all the code and safety issues these renovations tend to leave behind. Experienced Journeymen electricians have years of electrical expertise to spot costly potential repairs.

Before embarking on an extensive renovation project, you might want to consider having an electrical assessment performed. This will give a good indication of whether your existing electrical system will handle the piece of equipment you plan to incorporate.

When your house is 50 years and older, you should get it inspected at least once a year. The electrical system in older homes can be at risk due to ageing wiring, panels, and outlets. Many of these issues come with a risk of fire, which is the last thing anyone wants to happen!


Aluminum Wiring Inspection 

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Aluminum wiring has been used in North America since the mid-1960s when it was initially offered as a less expensive alternative to copper. Therefore electrical systems in older homes built between 1960-72 probably include aluminum wiring.


The aluminum wire itself is a problem because it undergoes a phenomenon known as “Coldflow”, where a properly secured aluminum conductor will begin to slowly move away from the connection point. If a connection becomes loose, it will begin to overheat, arc and spark and this is a serious fire hazard and this is why aluminum wiring should be inspected regularly to ensure tight connections.

An aluminum wiring inspection should also ensure that all aluminum wire is used with approved aluminum rated devices, that all aluminum wire to copper pigtails use appropriate aluminum to copper connectors. When aluminum interacts with dissimilar metals it will begin to corrode away degrading the wire to points unable to safely handle the current that may travel through them.


Receptacle Polarity Inspection

A polarity test is used to check that all single pole devices (fuses, switches, and circuit breakers) are exclusively linked to the phase wire. Alternating current systems include a live and a neutral conductor, these conductors must be connected the right way in all electrical accessories like wall sockets and plugs. A polarity test is performed at each relevant site to confirm this. This basic test is equally as critical as others since polarity checks could prevent serious accidents and damage to property.


Thermal Inspection

It’s critical to maintain your home’s electrical devices, especially the electrical outlets you use daily. An overheated outlet may indicate that something isn’t operating correctly and needs to be repaired to be used safely. Getting to the base of the issue and resolving it will help keep your house secure and free of hazards. An overloaded circuit, loose connection, and faulty devices are the most common cause of an overheating electrical outlet and device. A thermal inspection can pinpoint the device or breaker that is the root cause of the overheating.


Electrical inspections for insurance renewal

To renew a homeowners insurance policy, a home insurance examination may be required. Consider it as your insurance company performing due diligence to determine the risk of insuring your home. The insurance company will require a licensed electrician and electrical contractor to perform this inspection in order for them to renew your policy.


Why Electrical Inspections Are Important for Your Commercial Building?

The older your commercial building’s electrical system is, the greater the chances it is to fail, increasing the odds that a severe accident might happen and costly downtime. Commercial electrical inspections performed regularly will save you money in the long run, the most cost-effective approach to avoid electrical failures is to detect them before they occur.

It’s vital to realize that a building’s electrical system isn’t just a bundle of random cables, as simple as that may seem. Instead, it’s a complicated system that provides the electric power you need to operate your business. When that system is not inspected, an overloaded circuit, failing breaker/fuse, or overheating devices may be present.

If any of these devices fails or causes an electrical fire, your business operations will be affected costing you money that could have been saved by catching it early on. Poorly maintained or older electrical equipment are the root of many unfortunate fires. Considering the substantial costs of electrical breakdowns, thorough inspections of your building’s electrical systems are a wise investment.

Commercial electrical inspections are a vital element of maintaining the safety of your commercial building. An electrical inspection should be done regularly to guarantee that your team stays productive while also reducing the danger of fires and other electrical hazards. In addition, regular inspections would ensure that the wiring and other components of your building’s electrical system will be in good operating order. These checks aid in the detection of potential issues that could result in electrical shocks or fires. Equipment, lighting, and other electrical devices can all be inspected regularly to verify that they are in good operating order.

Platinum Electrical Services is a highly reputable electrical contractor offering comprehensive electrical services to residential and commercial enterprises. From an essential electric panel upgrade to wiring an entire building, from repairs to assessments, we have what it takes to handle any of your electrical issues. We also have the expertise and practical knowledge to advise you on sustainable options such as new electrical codes to enhance safety. Call us today, and one of our licensed and experienced electricians will come and sort your electrical issue.