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15 Jun, 2021
Posted by Platinum Electrical Services
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When Is It Time To Call An Electrician?

Electricity has become part of our daily lives. In the office and the home, we find ourselves using power in basic operations such as cooking, communicating, cleaning, heating, etc. 

To ensure that your home and office are code-compliant and safe, it is crucial to get certified electricians who will conduct an electrical inspection of your system, identify volatile issues and make appropriate upgrade recommendations when necessary. 


When To Call An Electrician?

When it comes to electrical issues, safety should be at the top of your checklist. It is wise to get the opinion and assistance from a professional electrician when you encounter the following:


Flickering Lights

Flickering lights can be annoying and dangerous, as it signifies the circuit may be overloaded or malfunctioning. If your bulbs are in good shape and firmly screwed in and this problem occurs, an electrician could come and fix the issue. When a circuit does not function well, it may send intermittent electrical currents to the bulbs, making them flicker. Flickering bulbs could also signify problems with wiring or more serious issues and pose a potential fire hazard. In the case of newly installed LED bulbs that start to flicker, the cause can be as simple as incompatible bulbs and dimmer switches, just because some devices are identified as dimmable doesn’t automatically mean they will work with every dimmable switch.


Constant Tripping Of Breakers

If your circuit breakers keep tripping, especially when you plug in an appliance, you need to get an electrician to come and sort the issue out by identifying where the problem may be. A well versatile service electrician can check things like circuit overloading, loose connections, and failing breakers amongst other things to find the root cause of the tripping. If you have a breaker that consistently needs to be reset on numerous occasions, you need to have it checked as this is a sign of an issue somewhere in the circuit either at the breaker, down the line at the device or anywhere in between.


Corrosion Or Rust

If there is any evidence of rust around your main service panel, you should call an electrician as it signifies moisture is present near your panel and this is extremely dangerous. Rust will cause damage to the wiring in your electrical system, lower its current-carrying ampacity, and could eventually lead to much more serious issues if left unattended.



If you experience shock when you touch an outlet, an electrical surface, or even the shower knob, you need to de-energize the circuit, and then go to the emergency room to make sure your heart is fine as this can be a dangerous event. Putting extreme stress on the heart can lead to death if not treated. Only after attending these things first, should you call an electrician. 


Aged Wiring

Suppose the electrical system in your home or office was installed more than two decades ago. In that case, it is time you call in an electrical contractor to inspect the safety of your system and make appropriate upgrades as electrical equipment is prone to failures over time. If you have devices older than 20 years, you are more than likely to experience many electrical issues if unchecked. Other situations that call for an electrician in an aged home include:


  • Plug upgrade: Recent trends in the electrical industry have seen the spread of three-prong plugs. Many older buildings still feature the two-prong plugs, which do not go well with most modern-day appliances made today as well as pose a safety hazard by not incorporating a ground wire. 
  • Wire upgrades: The old wiring system features wires covered in other elements such as cloth or rubber as insulation. Lack of proper insulation is hazardous if it does not match up to the current electrical requirements.
  • Aluminum upgrades: Some older homes still have aluminum wiring throughout the house, it was cheaper and easier to work with but posed a number of safety concerns.


Inadequate Or Overcrowded Power Outlets

If your power outlets are far apart or if you find yourself using several extension cables to power your appliances, it means that you need additional outlets, or at the very least to invest in a properly sized multi-outlet extension cord. These will offer long-term solutions that will minimize the risk of overloading in the future.


Burnt Socket 

If your socket features any burn marks or emits a burning odour, it signifies an issue that should not be ignored. In this case, you should turn off the breaker feeding the circuit and call an electrician to investigate and fix the issue. If you see flames, always call the fire department first! 


Installation Of Safety Devices

To ensure that your home or office is code compliant and safe, you need to have Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs) fixed in the outlets that may be exposed to water, such as the bathroom, in the kitchen and outside receptacles. Get an electrician to install these devices to minimize electrical hazards such as electrocution.


Installing Lighting Fixtures

To avoid messing with the wiring system, it is wise to call an electrician when you need to have a chandelier or a ceiling fan installed. Although this could be a DIY job, there are many factors at play when attempting to do these jobs on your own. Ensuring that you always take the extra step to get clarity and correct information from a professional electrician, may be the difference between a small problem and a larger one down the road.


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What To Check Before Contacting An Electrician?

Though there will be great urgency in picking up the phone to call an electrician when you have a power issue, it is advisable in some cases to first confirm the real problem. At times, just because we know the danger of electricity, we act on our first instinct to call for help. You would save yourself money if the issue was something you could fix. Some of the things you can check before calling an electrician include:


The Appliance May Be Plugged Incorrectly 

It is not uncommon to find that you did not get your device plugged in properly. Check and see if the cord and plugs are intact and connected. Confirm that the switch is on. In some cases, you might even think something is plugged in and it’s not.


Unresponsive Appliance

It could be that your kettle or heater is no longer functioning. If your appliance does not seem to work yet others work, it could be that one of the specific appliances is damaged, and for that, there is no reason for an emergency electrician visit.


Tripped Circuit Breaker Box 

Tripping may happen when overloading occurs, and the affected outlet trips. Check your breaker to confirm that none of the switches is turned off due to tripping.


Check And Reset Your GFCI

The Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) functions as a breaker, and when overloading occurs, GFCIs will trip. Avoid plugging several appliances into one outlet. If the GFCI trips, reset it by first unplugging all connected devices. The reset action is straightforward. There is a button usually red on the outlet that you press to reset it. 


If Half Your Electrical Is Affected

In the case that half of your home’s electrical system is failing, you might be able to save a call out from an electrician. When you lose the power to half of your house and your electric range, dryer and other 240V electrical appliances, is generally the result of losing a phase supplied to your home. Just calling your local electrical supplier can be sufficient in the event it was a piece of faulty distribution equipment or fuse on their side of things. If this usually free step is not successful in correcting your power loss, then absolutely call an electrician to handle the situation. 


Platinum Electrical Services is a highly reputable electrical contractor offering comprehensive electrical services to residential and commercial enterprises. From an essential electric panel upgrade to wiring an entire building, from repairs to assessments, we have what it takes to handle any of your electrical issues. We also have the expertise and practical knowledge to advise you on sustainable options such as new electrical codes to enhance safety. Call us today, and one of our licensed and experienced electricians will come and sort your electrical issue.