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22 Dec, 2021
Posted by Platinum Electrical Services
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What To Do If You Encounter Electrical Trouble This Winter

During the winter season, heavy snow, sleet, and blizzards may cause electrical troubles that could lead to a disaster. Would you wait for the worst-case scenarios before doing any preventative measures? Probably not, as that’s a bad idea!

The electrical system is one of the most important aspects to keep an eye on when maintaining your house. Several electrical problems might arise during the winter, which can harm you or even your neighbors. Here are some things you can try if you encounter any electrical trouble this winter before you call a 24-hour emergency electrician.


If or when there’s a Power Outage 

Winter is a period when power is needed the most. There is huge pressure on a home’s electrical system when it comes to heating systems, Christmas decor, portable heaters, and other periodic gadgets. Seasonal power outages and flickering lights are prevalent throughout the winter months. 

Here’s what you can do: 

  • Increase the power of the home’s electrical circuit in order to avoid these annoying problems. 
  • A heavy increase will be able to fit the latest state-of-the-art appliances and many innovative technologies. 
  • With a greater stream of power, you will reap the benefits of an updated electrical system. 

Winter storms may cause power outages if a residence isn’t adequately secured from the elements. When a power loss is inevitable, a generator may also be necessary. But if things get worse, most electrical companies in Calgary provide 24-hour emergency electricians to handle the situation for you anytime. 


When there’s a Static Supply of Electricity

During the winter, static electricity is more widespread and may be harmful. Broken or unsupervised electrical currents or substances that are combustible might result in strong shocks from static electricity. In order to prevent this problem, many people utilize a humidifier in their home’s drier sections.

  • You can use a humidifier

Here’s why humidity is so important. It is easier for electrons to leave your body in the summer because of the high humidity. You won’t be able to build up a charge with this. During the dry winter months, your body will naturally store up a bigger charge. Dry air does not carry electricity as well as humid air. 

Once one material is more positively or negatively charged than the other, electrons jump at the opportunity to reestablish “neutral charge equilibrium.” ‘ You may feel an electrical charge in your skin when you contact metal because of this. The shock is caused by the movement of electrons from you to the thing you’re contacting. They’ve sprung out of the ground!

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When there’s a Group of Frayed Wires

The sooner you can check for frayed wires, the better, since frayed wires may be dangerous at any time of the year. You’re putting your house in danger if you don’t recognize them sooner rather than later. A single frayed wire may ignite a fire large enough to destroy an entire home. 

  • Make sure that any exposed electrical wires in your house are in fine operating order before the cold weather sets in. If the wiring isn’t properly maintained, harsh elements like snow and ice may cause serious harm. 


Other pro tips you can try:

  • Unplug unused appliances

Avoid a surge by unplugging appliances and devices; keep one bulb on so you can tell when the power is restored. To minimize pipes from freezing and bursting, keep all faucets running at a gentle trickle.

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  • Check, check and check

The outage should extend beyond your house before you take any action. The electricity wires leading into your home should be checked for any problems. Call your utility provider or your trusted electrician, if the lines are down or damaged.

  • When things go back to normal, follow a process

Put a stop to any electricity that’s coming into your home. You should disconnect all appliances and devices before turning the main power switch back on in order to avoid power surges. The heating system should be the first thing to be reconnected when the electrical system has stabilized since you will need heat during the winter.

Winter is always something we either look forward to or we don’t but no matter what our moods might be, our safety must always be a top priority. Although there is always that handy 24-hour emergency electrician nearby, it is always a safety measure to at least be aware of the things you must and must not do when you encounter electrical problems. Winter is here so brace yourselves properly!


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