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13 Jul, 2021
Posted by Platinum Electrical Services
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The Best 5 Lightbulbs Money Can Buy For Your Home Or Office in 2021!

Although looking for light bulbs may appear to be an uncomplicated process, there are several elements to ponder, such as long-lasting, energy-efficient LEDs, budget-friendly but brief incandescents, and middle-of-the-road compact fluorescent lamps.

Deciding what colour temperature you want to see in your home regardless of which sort of light bulb you pick can be difficult and not the correct approach. Bulbs are often classified as soft white, daylight, or brilliant white, and each gives a different luminosity and warmth. They also have different uses. Ensuring that the bulb’s wattage is compatible with your fixture and that it will offer adequate light for the situation or work you have in mind is key.

That being said, here are the best light bulbs money can buy for your home or office in 2021!


1. Philips 60-Watt Equivalent Soft White LED Light Bulb


Choose LED, which means “light-emitting diode,” if you want to be on the cutting edge of technology. Previously, these bulbs were only used in specialist lamps, but now they can be used in any lamp or light socket with a standard screw-in connector.

While the bulbs last longer and use less energy than regular incandescent bulbs, they focus light in one direction rather than distributing it over the space. As a result, they’re ideal for illuminating a precise area. They’re perfect for reading lamps, under-cabinet lighting, and job lighting. Furthermore, they do not generate as much warmth during operation as incandescent lights.

Philips’ 8.5-watt Soft White LED Light Bulbs, which is equivalent to 60-watts incandescent bulbs, come in two styles: gentle light, which emits a warmer and cozier vibe that’s ideal for a relaxing ambiance and excellent for your living room and bedroom lights, and daylight, which mimics natural sunlight. Compared to conventional incandescent lights, this product is touted to have a 10-year lifespan and will save you roughly $60 in energy bills over that time.


2. Sengled Smart Wi-Fi LED


Consider adding a Sengled Smart Wi-Fi LED if you want to smarten up your house but aren’t sure where to start. This low-cost smart bulb can be put in any regular E26 socket and connects to your home Wi-Fi without using a hub. It can show 16 million colours, respond to voice requests from Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, and interact with other smart home gadgets via IFTTT applets. It also comes with a simple mobile app that allows users to create lighting schedules and sceneries and monitor how much power the bulb consumes. All of this adds up to one of the best bargains available.


3. TCP 60-Watt Equivalent LED Light Bulbs


TCP’s 60-watt-equivalent bulbs are another excellent choice for LED users. When you consider that the typical lifespan of an LED bulb is more than 18 years and it only costs around a dollar per year to work, it may supplant an ordinary 60-watt incandescent bulb and save you roughly $678 over its lifetime. These TCP bulbs have an equal distribution of light and a long lifespan. The light is a bright white, which some people would find too intense, but it works well in areas where task lighting is required, like the kitchen or bathroom. The bulb does not operate with dimmer switches, which is one of the only significant disadvantages.


4. Wyze Bulb Color


The Wyze Bulb Color is the most cost-efficient smart color bulb you’ll find in the market today, at a cost of $34.99 for a pack of four. You may use your phone to operate it without a hub, or you can use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to handle it using your voice. It has support for customizable scenes, device-triggered automation, scheduling, and sleep regimens that let you progressively ease into the night and wake up in the morning. You won’t find a more affordable smart light bulb than this one.


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5. GE Incandescent Light Bulbs

Although incandescent bulbs require more energy and burn out faster, many people still like them because they provide a pleasant glow and enhance skin tone. Because most people are used to incandescent bulbs, LED or CFL bulbs may appear harsh or sharp in comparison. Incandescents also have the advantage of being utilized with a dimmer and being less expensive to acquire at first. If you prefer incandescent lighting, this GE model is a fantastic choice. It’s a three-way light bulb with 50/100/150 watts and a 1,500-hour lifespan.

Lighting is one of the most critical and significant aspects of any property. It’s not just the lighting fixtures themselves that need to be addressed, but also their placement, angle, as well as the direction of light. The appropriate lighting can radically transform a space or landscape when done correctly. If you need help with lighting, get in touch with the expert electrical technicians at Platinum Electrical Services Inc.