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Proudly Serving Calgary and the Greater Area

Affordable & Quality Pot Light Installation

Pot Light Installation

Pot Light Installation

Pot lighting, which is also called recessed lighting or high-hat lights, may brighten up dark, shady spaces. The mechanisms of a pot lamp are entirely hidden because they are inserted straight into the ceiling line, and all that is visible is the bulb and the surrounding trim. In rooms with low overhead, the flush to the ceiling appearance is necessary. It is a fantastic option for providing uniformly dispersed illumination in almost any environment.

Pot Light Installation provides a plethora of improved lighting alternatives for dwellings. People no longer rely on the central light, which typically hangs in the middle of the room and mingles with lamps. Pot lights are a low-cost lighting option for your home that complements more contemporary ceiling layouts.

What are Pot Lights Used For?

1) It’s fantastic for kitchens

Pot lights are a terrific way to provide some much-needed lighting over the countertop so you can see things better. You may also combine hanging lights with pot lighting to create various lighting options while still providing complete coverage for any work.

2) Better lighting in the bathroom

Pot lighting is also an excellent choice for the bathroom. If you acquire the appropriate model, you can have them placed over your shower. You will want to choose one with a high-quality trim that can withstand not only moisture but also vapor. You don’t want the water to go near your lights when it’s flowing, but they’re completely safe if you find the right light and have it professionally installed.

3) It works well with your home theater

Another situation where pot lights make sense is a home theater. After all, you don’t want your colossal screen to be overshadowed by a massive glass chandelier.

4) Placing emphasis on a wall

Pot lights are a terrific way to “wash” a particular wall, especially one with a fireplace, a bar, or a piece of art.

5) Lights up an outdoor area

If you have a grill or stove that sits in your backyard or patio, you should have lighting installed around it to prevent mishaps.

6) Excellent living room lighting

An excellent method to liven up a living area is to use pot lighting. You can opt to emphasize artwork or a prominent wall or have them positioned throughout your living area. Pot lights give a room a neat, sleek appearance.

7) Efficient lighting in the basement

Pot lights are excellent in most basements because they usually are dimly illuminated. Recessed lighting in the basement can brighten the entire space and is a smart way to free up the floor area that lights would otherwise take up.


Don’t Attempt Installing Pot Lights by Yourself

Because pot lights are typically advertised as simple to install, many DIYers and weekend contractors believe they can quickly complete the task. They end up purchasing incorrect fittings or overloading a circuit, resulting in a disaster waiting to happen.

If you have never tampered with electricity on your own, and you plan to undertake the work yourself, you place your home and your family’s safety in jeopardy. Hiring a professional electrician is a good idea since they know how to complete the job effectively, safely, and most importantly, correctly.


Professional Pot Light Installation Services

Allow the experts at Platinum Electric Services Inc. who can assist you with pot light installation to update the look of your house. We can take care of all your lighting design, installation, and maintenance needs in your home. Call us at 587-896-3351

Pot Light Installation - FAQ's

The typical pot light installation can cost anywhere from $500 – $1500 depending on how many and whether or not there is an available circuit to use.

Pot lights are not necessarily hard to install. At times, the installation of pot lights requires attic access to avoid having to cut the ceiling to make way for the required wiring to power the devices.

Pot lights are installed from the attic more times than not to avoid drywall damage. Depending on where the power source is located and the number of pot lights, drilling through the joist is required to bring power to each pot light when attic access is not available.

Pot lights can be added to any ceiling, you just have to find a way to bring power to them.

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