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09 Nov, 2021
Posted by Platinum Electrical Services
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IR Thermography Inspections & Why They Are Important?

Downtimes can be costly for any business, but it’s even more so for companies in the manufacturing industry. Just think about it: if your main assembly line gets shut down because of equipment malfunction, your operation grounds to a halt and you’d need to shell out thousands of dollars to get everything up and running again. 

But the good news is that you can avoid all this.

Infrared or IR thermography inspections can help you identify and fix issues before they snowball into disasters that cost you time and money. In fact, a regular IR thermography inspection carried out by a qualified electrician is one of the most important factors for building good business processes. Doing this allows managers to efficiently monitor their production line and take corrective actions when needed – preventing unplanned equipment downtime.



What Is IR Thermography?

IR thermography is a non-destructive process of measuring temperature differences within your equipment. It uses infrared energy to create an image, revealing details that are impossible to see with the naked eye.

This is done by a qualified electrician who will use an IR camera to record the heat signature emitted by your equipment. The data recorded during this process is then analyzed in detail, revealing any thermal issues that might have not yet materialized but could cause damage in the future.

The benefits of this technology include:

  • Seeing hidden damage and potential failures

  • Detecting alterations without having to dismantle or disassemble the object

  • Avoids costly property and equipment damage due to electrical fires and faulty breakers

  • Spotting faulty equipment and understanding how their damage might affect other systems as well as the environment

  • Allowing inspectors to do their jobs more efficiently because of less physical contact with objects, therefore reducing the chance of cross-contamination


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What Can IR Thermography Detect During Inspections?

IR thermography inspections can reveal a multitude of issues with your machinery and equipment: loose connections, faulty insulation, broken fans, and splintered belts.

During the IR scan process, a qualified electrician will run an image to see any damage or problem areas within your manufacturing plant clearly on screen. It’s like having x-ray vision to find flaws in your equipment before they become bigger problems.


Why Is An IR Thermography Inspection Important?

Regular infrared thermography inspections can help you identify, repair, and prevent issues that could potentially cause unplanned downtime in the future.

This helps reduce your operational costs while increasing product quality at the same time. It’s a win-win for any business.

IR inspections can save time and money because it allows you to find issues as soon as they happen. With this type of infrared thermography inspection, the sooner problems are found, the less costly it is for your operation – allowing you to focus on getting back up and running again without worrying about what might break down next.


Do You Need A Qualified Electrician To Do IR Thermography Inspections?

It’s crucial that the person doing your IR inspections is qualified to do so. See, any electrician can purchase an infrared camera, but there are specific tools and techniques used when conducting these types of thermography tests – ones they need to be trained in order to use properly.

So make sure whoever you hire has done this kind of work before and understands what they’re doing.