Hot Tub Installation

hot tub

Get your hot tub installed by the best electricians in Calgary.

Have you been searching for a hot tub installation expert? Your search is now over because at Platinum Electrical Services, we have been wiring hot tubs and spas long enough to gain vast experience needed in its installation. We are the professionals that you need and you will have nothing but real peace of mind when you are relaxing in your hot tub, knowing fully well that your hot tub or spa was wired and installed properly by qualified electricians in Calgary to the latest electrical codes and inspected by the city.

Our promise to you is that all you will get many years of enjoyment, especially on the cool winter nights when you just want to warm up in your hot tub or spa. We are confident that you will see the difference in our work because we strive to satisfy you with the best quality of the work and you don’t pay till you are 100% satisfied. To ensure safety, our electricians will make sure that your home has what it takes to handle the hot tub you are about to install. Do you know that there are hot tubs that pull up to 60 amps of current? Now, picture that your home has a maxed out 100 amp service. We take all necessary precautions and pay attention to the requirements of your home before we install your hot tubs.

It is important that a professional handle the wiring and installation of your hot tub and this is exactly what we are promising you at Platinum Electrical Services. Electricity and water do not go well together and there is a risk of electrocution which could lead to injury or even worse, death. We follow all electrical safety codes strictly getting the job done safely. The reputation of our company is that of professionalism and integrity and that is why our electricians deliver only top quality service.

There are considerations that should be out in place and plenty of safety codes to consider before the installation of hot tubs. Some of these considerations that we never joke with at Platinum Electrical Services are:

  • The location of your hot tub or spa would you like it to installed indoors or outdoors?
  • Where should the emergency disconnect (SPA buddy) be?
  • What is the Wattage of the Hot Tub you are getting?
  • Can your Electrical Panel handle the additional load of your new Hot Tub?

All these questions are taken into account to determine the installion of your hot tub or spa. Our electricians at PES, have gathered enough experience to answer your hot tub or spa questions. Call Us to schedule your fix rate Hot Tub installation today.