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Emergency Residential Electrician Services

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If you feel that there is something amiss with your electrical system, an emergency residential electrician can give you peace of mind. A certified professional electrician also has the equipment, expertise, and experience to ensure that the issue is effectively detected and addressed. In the long run, hiring a skilled electrician helps save time and money, as well as ensuring that your system is repaired without making risky and expensive missteps.

Hiring a licensed electrician will help you meet insurance requirements and fulfill your obligations to your property’s inhabitants, whether they are colleagues, renters, or family members. By engaging a professional as soon as you notice an issue, you can reduce the likelihood of property damage or loss caused by electrical problems.

When Should You Call an Emergency Residential Electrician?

Electrical issues can swiftly escalate into a health and security danger. Our priority, of course, is your mental well-being. If you believe your electrical system is hazardous to use, you should contact an emergency residential electrician. Our electricians will accurately assess whether your system poses a safety concern to you and your property’s residents. If so, they will take the necessary steps to make sure it is returned to safe operation. While we hope that no electrical emergency ever arises on your property, it’s better to be acquainted with the most common situations that need the expertise of a licensed electrician:

1. Tripped Breaker / Blown Fuses

It’s common for breakers to trip and fuses to blow now and then, but it’s a sign that something is wrong if it occurs repeatedly. There could be a significant issue with the electrical system. This usually happens when the system requires more power than the device can manage. You can replace the fuse or breaker by yourself, but it’s best to have a professional electrician evaluate the electrical issue for more severe issues just to be safe.

2. Warm Switches and Devices

There could be an electrical problem if switches or devices feel hot for no particular reason. If your microwave is warm when you place your finger on it even though you haven’t used it at all, you must call an emergency professional electrician right away. Likewise, light switches that are warm to the touch are a sure-fire symptom of an electrical problem.

3. Flickering Lights

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The flickering of lights is not ordinary. This can happen at any time or when you turn on a piece of high-power electrical equipment like a washing machine or your refrigerator. This occurs as a result of a significant electrical demand placed on the power socket. The light bulbs in your household get less electricity for a limited period, and that is the reason why they flicker. Installing more electrical outlets and then fitting large appliances with their circuits can be done with the help of a licensed electrician.

4. Overloaded Power Outlets

If a power outlet is supplying power to many gadgets simultaneously, it’s a signal that you’ll have to add additional power outlets. Power points that are overloaded can put a lot of strain on your electrical system. This may produce electrical issues in the future, which will be costly to fix.

5. The Smell of Burning Rubber and Metal

The smell of hot, burnt rubber and metal is distinct, and you must try to find the source of it right away when you smell it. If the problem originates from a specific source, disconnect the appliance or equipment as soon as possible. Smells emanating from the circuit breaker box will necessitate the services of an expert electrician. Switch off everything in your house, unhook power strips and surge protectors, and turn the main breaker of your residence off.


Your Reliable Emergency Residential Electrician

Electrical problems can happen any time of day or night. Platinum Electrical Services Inc. provides 24 emergency electrical services to keep electricity flowing in your home or business. When your lights flicker, you smell burning wires, or you lose power, PES can diagnose the problem and repair your electrical system quickly and safely. Contact Us anytime!


Residential Electrician - FAQ's

An electrical emergency would fall under two categories: major and minor emergencies. An example of a major emergency would be if you smell burning or devices seem to be hot to the touch. These are serious electrical issues and should be acted upon as soon as possible. The remaining emergencies are if you lose power for an unknown reason, lights are flickering or you see sparks. As long as the circuits can be isolated temporarily they shouldn’t pose an immediate danger. An electrician should be called as soon as possible for any issue such as these to determine the severity of the situation.

Average commercial electricians have been known to make more than their residential counterparts. This is by no means a rule, just a pattern that is noticeable throughout the trade.

Electricians work with electricity in a manner that eliminates the hazards associated with electricity in scenarios where the power stays on. Electricity is a dangerous thing and should always be de-energized every chance possible to avoid unnecessary risk.

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We offer 24 Emergency services for whenever you experience an electrical problem.

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