Proudly Serving Calgary and the Greater Area
Proudly Serving Calgary and the Greater Area
Gloved Electrician Performing Mechanical / Electrical Maintenance
Mechanical / Electrical Maintenance
The Mechanical / Electrical Preventative Maintenance Package is a tailored package for small and large sized businesses. One of our experts will collect all required information about all your mechanical and electrical equipment you wish to have covered under this package. If the machines, equipment, or panels do not have labeling we shall provide them with proper identification for simplicity on reporting, maintaining and servicing. This package can be implemented weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, semi-annually, and annually. Discounted rates for other services not covered under the package. Speak with someone immediately and get your facility covered today.

Mechanical / Electrical Maintenance - FAQ's

Mechanical and electrical maintenance involves both planned and preventative maintenance of mechanical and electrical equipment. Preventative maintenance is to perform routine tasks and inspections to catch failing pieces in both your mechanical and electrical equipment before they cause disruption or breakdown unexpectedly during the time you need them most.
Planned maintenance is when you can perform repairs on equipment that you discover need fixing during your preventative inspections as a way to minimize the disruption it will have on your business because you can do it during after hours or on a slow production day.

Mechanical maintenance is designed to help prevent critical mechanical failure of your equipment. A preventative maintenance plan should be followed to help keep equipment in pristine condition and give a chance to discover potential failures before they happen so they can be corrected in a planned manner rather than after a costly failure.

Electrical maintenance is a preventative and planned measure to prevent electrical equipment from failing unpredictably when you need it the most. Electrical maintenance helps to find failing breakers, overloaded circuits, damaged/exposed wires, and catch electrical safety/code violations.

Mechanical and electrical systems can either refer to the plumbing and electrical systems or they can also refer to the mechanical and electrical of industrial settings such as CNCs, motors, and pumps.