Proudly Serving Calgary and the Greater Area
Proudly Serving Calgary and the Greater Area
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Mechanical / Electrical Maintenance

The Mechanical / Electrical Preventative Maintenance Package is a tailored package for small and large-sized businesses. One of our electrical technicians will collect all required information about all the mechanical and electrical equipment that you wish to have covered under this package.

If the machines, equipment, or panels do not have labelling, we will provide them with proper identification for simplicity in reporting, maintaining, and servicing.

This package can be implemented weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, semi-annually, and annually. Discounted rates for other services are not covered under the package. Speak with someone immediately and get your facility covered today.


The Importance of Mechanical / Electrical Maintenance

Proper maintenance is vital to all machines and electrical equipment. For those who do not have the time to monitor their equipment on a regular basis, our experienced professionals will be more than happy to provide you with all the necessary services for your home and business needs.

Here are some ways you can benefit from a scheduled and well-planned service maintenance program:


Increase Efficiency

Energy costs have increased over the years so it is important to keep your energy usage at a minimum by having an efficient system in place. We provide various services including testing pumps, belts, compressors, and more, to ensure your systems are running as efficiently as possible.


Increase System Reliability and Efficiency

Systems break down at the most inconvenient times which could lead to lost work time and money. Regular maintenance will reduce downtime and decrease repair costs by detecting issues before they become a problem.


Decrease Energy Consumption

By servicing your electrical equipment regularly, you can avoid costly electrical repairs. We will also advise you on how to reduce energy consumption and costs by proposing changes in your facility that could help you improve the performance of your equipment, prevent breakdowns, increase safety, conserve water/power usage, and more.



Proper maintenance ensures that all electrical panels and mechanical equipment are working properly which reduces accidents such as fire or electrocution. This package is the perfect tool for any property owner looking to increase safety, reduce downtime, and save money in the long run.


Increase Property Value

Investing in property maintenance pays off over the long term by increasing safety standards which could lead to higher demand for your properties as well as increased property value.


What Is Included In Mechanical / Electrical Maintenance?

Mechanical/ Electrical Maintenance is performed by executing diagnostic and preventive measures. It involves scheduled servicing of mechanical and electrical equipment on a regular basis.

Our comprehensive maintenance packages include but are not limited to services such as:

Mechanical Maintenance:


  • Inspecting and testing equipment
  • Proper lubrication of necessary bearings
  • Checking the condition of belts
  • Repairing or replacing parts as needed
  • Maintenance of compressors and CNC machines
  • Ensuring that the facility’s mechanical equipment stays up to date with industry standards and regulations





Electrical Maintenance:


  • Performance check on appliances, switchgear, sensors, motor controls, and switches
  • Cleaning of transformers, panels, regulators, and other equipment
  • Grounding
  • Surge protection
  • Electrical service for Ground Fault Circuit Breakers (GFCI) and Arc Fault Circuit Breakers (AFCI)
  • Inspection of wiring and terminals
  • Inspection of motion detection systems and alarms 
  • Electrical code corrections


Always Hire A Professional

It is important to hire a professional and experienced company for maintenance. This will ensure that all equipment is repaired and serviced the correct way in order to prevent any future damages.

Platinum Electrical Services offers comprehensive mechanical and electrical maintenance to residential and commercial clients. We are committed to providing customer satisfaction and delivering quality workmanship in a timely manner. Call us today to get more information about this service from one of our highly qualified professionals.

Mechanical / Electrical Maintenance - FAQ's

Mechanical and electrical maintenance involves both planned and preventative maintenance of mechanical and electrical equipment. Preventative maintenance is to perform routine tasks and inspections to catch failing pieces in both your mechanical and electrical equipment before they cause disruption or breakdown unexpectedly during the time you need them most.
Planned maintenance is when you can perform repairs on equipment that you discover need fixing during your preventative inspections as a way to minimize the disruption it will have on your business because you can do it during after hours or on a slow production day.

Mechanical maintenance is designed to help prevent critical mechanical failure of your equipment. A preventative maintenance plan should be followed to help keep equipment in pristine condition and give a chance to discover potential failures before they happen so they can be corrected in a planned manner rather than after a costly failure.

Electrical maintenance is a preventative and planned measure to prevent electrical equipment from failing unpredictably when you need it the most. Electrical maintenance helps to find failing breakers, overloaded circuits, damaged/exposed wires, and catch electrical safety/code violations.

Mechanical and electrical systems can either refer to the plumbing and electrical systems or they can also refer to the mechanical and electrical of industrial settings such as CNCs, motors, and pumps.

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