Proudly Serving Calgary and the Greater Area
Proudly Serving Calgary and the Greater Area
Dental Furnace Repair

Dental Equipment Repair

We offer dental equipment repair that is the perfect solution for dental labs, orthodontists, and dentists. Platinum Electrical Services tries to minimize disruption to your dental office and lab by taking your dental equipment offsite whenever possible to complete the repairs. We have standing partnerships with some of Calgary’s most respected dental supply and service companies around, providing their customers, and our own with quick repair options. Our own personal industry experience helps us to diagnose and repair a wide variety of dental equipment throughout your business. 

As a full-service electrical company, we help with the installation, maintenance and repair of all the electrical and mechanical equipment you own.

With Platinum Electrical Services you don’t have to worry about who you call. Our dental technicians are more than ticketed trades individuals usually in both electrical and mechanical fields. When your compressor stops working, we can fix it, whether it be a faulty breaker or a mechanical issue with the motor itself. Our one-stop dental equipment solutions make it so you call one person for any problem.

Dental Furnace Repairs

Dental equipment is expensive, and Platinum Electrical Services understands that more than anyone! We can help prolong your expensive furnaces. We troubleshoot and repair all types of furnaces from Ivoclar,

Dentsply, Whipmix, and many others. More times than not, the problem is the element on the furnace needs replacing, but instead of guessing Platinum Electrical Services dental equipment repairs takes the time to properly pinpoint the exact cause for a flat rate. We have years of experience troubleshooting and sourcing parts for these delicate important machines.

Dental CNC Repair

We can help with all your dental CNC repairs, with years of large industrial CNC repair experience find comfort in our ability to bring repair solutions for your CNC equipment. We know the importance of having these machines work reliably and stay in production as they are vital pieces to your dental lab. We have repaired and maintained some of the more notable dental CNC machines in the business from Imes iCore, Wieland, Roland, and Ivoclar, so we are no strangers to the troubles some of these machines may sub come to. The only real difference between industrial CNCs and dental CNCs is usually the size and software used to run them. They all still follow the same mechanical and electrical requirements to function that we have been exposed to for many years.

Dental Handpiece Repair

We can provide handpiece repair on most handpieces in the dental industry. We service all electrical and mechanical handpieces you may find in your dental office and dental lab. Platinum Electrical Services is able to repair these dental handpieces usually within 24-48 hours locally in Calgary for most models. Older models are also still repairable, but the parts are sometimes more difficult to acquire, especially in such a short turnaround.

Dental Chair Repair

Whether your chair is experiencing an electrical or mechanical issue, Platinum Electrical Services can service it fully. Get the expertise of our industry vets to repair your chair onsite or offsite. Although we are more familiar with some brands over others, all chairs are generally built the same way, and our troubleshooting electricians will quickly work through the components to determine the root cause, offer up causes to help limit a recurrence, and when parts are readily available super-fast turnaround times. We can also help give these vital pieces of your business a facelift with reupholstering.

Platinum Electrical Services offers much more repair options with the following commonly found items:

  •  Vacuum repair and maintenance
  •  Sterilizing equipment
  •  X-ray machines
  •  Dental presses
  •  3D dental printers
  •  Dental steamers
  •  Abrasive blaster
  •  Boil out / curing units
  •  Injection moulders
  •  Dental Lathes
  •  Dust collectors
  •  Alloy grinders
  •  Pumps
  •  Pressure pots
  •  Presses
  •  And any other dental equipment repair

Call to get in touch with our dental technician experts for repair requests today.