Proudly Serving Calgary and the Greater Area
Proudly Serving Calgary and the Greater Area
Everyday 24 Hour Service

24 Hour Emergency Electricians

Schedule our Certified Journeyman Electricians to help you solve any electrical needs. We offer 24 Hour Emergency Electrician services whenever you experience an electrical problem. We service the following:

  • Industrial Electrical Emergencies
  • Commercial Electrical Emergencies
  • Residential Electrical Emergencies
  • Fire Alarm Emergencies

Don’t let just anyone try and fix your electrical issues, have experienced 24 Hour Emergency Electricians bring quick solutions to your home or business.


Why You Need A 24 Hour Emergency Electrician?

An electrical emergency is not something to take lightly, it is an intricate situation, particularly when you don’t have a dependable emergency electrician to rely on.

While electrical issues happen every day and at any time, it is vital to be vigilant because you never know who’s the next victim. Unfortunately, it can be you!

Getting the right emergency electrician is vital to keep you safe in unknown electrical diagnostics. An electrician is a right choice for any electricity uncertainties. Their professionalism, knowledge and readiness to act are why they should remain your first call when you have any electrical issues. 

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Overnight Services – Don’t Let The Night Be Longer Than It Should

Sometimes it’s that time of the night, and either your fuses blow, or floods and storms cause electrical damages, or maybe your safety switch has an issue. Although some problems can wait until the morning, others can’t. They need attention right away. For instance, a blown fuse is an emergency that needs a prompt fix because, if not attended to, it can cause fire, power failure, or appliance damage.

In some other cases, electrical problems can cause smoke or create a burning smell which can affect your sleep quality. Contacting a 24 Hour Emergency Electrician will provide solutions for your problem and create a conducive night environment. Being able to sleep throughout the night thoroughly without any worries about what is happening in your house is something everyone dreams about.


Safety Comes First – No Compromises

Not every Tom Dick and Harry can attend to an electrical issue. We say this confidently knowing that there are many DIY people out there. It is very simple, have a professional on your speed dial.

Some things may look like they require a simple, quick fix, but it may not seem as it looks. So ALWAYS be cautious! For example, trying to fix a simple live wire problem can end up killing you. Yes, it is that serious! This is because a live wire has about 120V, which is sufficient enough to kill you right away.

High-voltage currents of 500V and above can lead to major burns, whereas low-voltage currents ranging between 100 -120V can cause muscle seizures. In some cases, instead of repairing, you might end up making your electrical issues worse. Ensuring the trust of a 24 Hour Emergency Electrician to look into any electrical issue to enhance safety is something you should always consider before attempting anything yourself.


Response Time Matters

While you might consider contacting a normal electrician, at times they might be overbooked or too busy to attend to the issue reasonably. A 24 Hour Emergency Electrician is always accessible and well-timed in solving your electrical glitches, at Platinum Electrical Services we aim to respond within 2 hrs of an emergency call. Any form of delay may cause uncontrollable effects. For example, a power outage caused by weak or frayed wires in the electrical system is one of the emergencies that require immediate attention. If this is not addressed right away, this may cause a fire hazard.


What To Do In Case Of An Electrical Emergency?

It’s vital to discern what you ought to do in the event of electrical emergencies.

Step 1: Turn off Power

It is important that this is only the first step if it is deemed safe to do so, this may avert the electrical issue from instigating additional problems.

Step 2: Call An Emergency Electrician In Calgary

An electrical emergency requires an urgent response. Calling an emergency electrician in Calgary will keep you in touch with a 24 Hour Emergency Electrician who will promptly come to disentangle your electrical problem.

Step 3: In case of fire, use a fire extinguisher to put it off

In an instance of an electric fire, only use a fire extinguisher rated Class-C, and if the power supply has been cut, you can use a water-based fire extinguisher also referred to as a Class-A extinguisher. Using the chemicals will allow you to put out the fire completely.

What Should You Do In An Electrical Emergency?

Never ignore any electrical emergency. At times they happen at odd times and when you least expect them to, but a 24 Hour Emergency Electrician is always there to aid in a time of need. Contacting a reliable emergency electrician in Calgary to get the best advice for what to do during one of these costly emergencies can be the difference between an invoice of a few hundred dollars and an invoice for thousands of dollars, not to mention prevent an accidental electrical injury.

Electrical FAQ's

In the event of an electrical emergency, the immediate thing you must do is to safely disconnect the circuit if is possible. The second thing to do is if there is fire, call the fire department if there is no fire call an emergency electrician to investigate the cause of the issue. It is never a good idea to investigate an electrical issue on your own as the danger could be still present and you are putting yourself in danger by looking into the cause.

Electricians work with electricity, which is a dangerous job. A level of hazard pay is added into most electricians fees. Electrical companies have added costs on top of the rate of the Electrician doing the work. Some of the costs electrical companies face are gas, vehicle maintenance, insurance, and tools. Most electricians have an average of $3000-$5000 in tools to perform the work required in the electrical industry, where electrical companies face even higher prices for specialty tools to perform some industrial and commercial tasks.

The stages of an electrician in Alberta are as follows:
Get a company to indenture you
1st year apprentice
2nd year apprentice
3rd year apprentice
4th year apprentice
Journeyman Electrician
Red Seal Journeyman Electrician
Master Electrician
Safety Codes Officer Group A & B
Electricians can also achieve a blue and gold seal with some further education. These are usually achieved by electricians in management or by individuals looking to get into management.

Electricians work with electricity in a manner that eliminates the hazards associated with electricity in scenarios where the power stays on. Electricity is a dangerous thing and should always be de-energized every chance possible to avoid unnecessary risk.

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