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03 Jun, 2021
Posted by Platinum Electrical Services
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How Can I Save Energy In My Office?

Adapting to energy-efficient practices in your office will greatly benefit your business. Apart from streamlining your operations, conserving energy will positively impact the overhead costs of your company as the energy bills will significantly drop. Implementing energy-efficient strategies is one of the ideal methods to increase the sustainability and profitability of your business. Important areas you need to focus on are:



The lighting of a building takes up a considerable fraction of the energy consumed. A few tips to ensure that your lighting is optimized to save on energy include:


  • 1. Identify lighting issues in your building and fixing them. Energy is wasted when the electrical system is faulty or outdated. Inefficient electrical systems will use more power and so it is wise to replace or fix them.


  • 2. Replace your current bulbs with LED or CFL lighting, which are more efficient in saving energy and can serve you for an extended period of time. Having a reliable electrician contractor like Platinum Electrical Services to upgrade your incandescent lamps to (CFL) Compact Fluorescent Lamps helps eliminate any worries that you may have when it comes to dealing with electrical components. If you use CFL make sure that you install an appropriate dimming system. If your business uses signs, replace incandescent signs with LED signs as LEDs use less wattage and last much longer than incandescent signs.


  • 3. If you have excess lighting in your office, reduce them. Depending on the size of your office and the activities involved, ensure the lighting is not excessive as this means more energy is used. 


  • 4. Hire professional services and get sensors installed in your office. Sensors will automatically turn lights off or on, depending on the room’s occupancy status.


  • 5. During the day, make use of natural light as much as possible. If this is not possible for some areas in your office building, use low-wattage bulbs such as LEDs. Fluorescent lights that are not needed should be turned off during the day. 


Temperature Control Measures

Reducing the air conditioning or heating will save on energy. However, as much as you want to save on energy, do not make your office’s temperature insanely different from the weather outside. It is advisable to use a programmable thermostat to ensure that the working environment is comfortable for everyone and energy-efficient when no one is in the office. Simple measures that can make a big difference include:


  • Placing the air conditioners and radiators in a central and open position.
  • Making sure that the windows and the doors are locked to reduce heat loss when heating is on. 


Perform An Energy Audit

Enlisting the services of a credible electrician contractor like Platinum Electrical Services to do an energy audit of your office will give you a clearer perspective on your overall energy consumption and let you know if your current power-saving habits are effective. We have the expertise to guide you on the areas you need to focus on and can assist you in creating a custom energy-saving plan for you and your employees.


Office Equipment

Electrical devices are used in the daily operations of a business. It will benefit your business if the operation practices involving these devices are energy conscious.


Make Use Of The Energy-saving Option In Appliances

Most electronic devices nowadays come with energy-saving features. From printers to microwaves, modern appliances come with multiple options to save energy. These options are easily activated by just a switch or a touch of a button. Educate your employees on this so that they can use the devices in energy-saving mode.


Upgrade Old Equipment To New Energy-efficient Gadgets

Old electric appliances reduce their efficiency with time, and this means that they use more power when they are in operation. Replace the old devices with new energy-friendly devices and make sure that you get a good electrician to ensure they are well maintained.


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Switch Off Idle Equipment

As long as they are plugged in, electrical equipment drains energy even when in sleep mode. This costly fact is hidden in the friendly word “standby mode”. This silent drain of power accounts for a significant percentage of energy consumption. All air conditioners, coffee machines, computers, printers, scanners, and other equipment should always be switched off when not in use.


Limit Office Activities Such As Printing

The advancement of technology has made it possible for important documents to be archived or shared without printing. The whole office should adhere to a policy that prohibits unnecessary processes such as printing or scanning to avoid consuming more power.


Employee Initiative

A sustainable workplace will require the efforts of everyone in the office. It calls for teamwork. Create awareness on energy conservation and encourage your employees to adapt to ways that will save on energy. By involving them and making them energy conscious, you are halfway to having a successful sustainable workspace. If all your employees are on board and gladly embrace new habits to save on power, the positive effects will reflect on your operations.

Each business is different, and you need unique solutions that are efficient and tailored for your specific business needs. By embracing energy-saving ideas, overhead and operations costs are reduced. If you need more information on how to optimize energy in your office, contact us today for a professional electrical consumption audit and custom advice.