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06 Aug, 2021
Posted by Platinum Electrical Services
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DIY Tips For Proper Chandelier Assembly

A fresh, stylish chandelier can transform a dreary room into a stunning one. Here are some valuable tips for a proper and, most importantly, safe chandelier assembly. A potentially deadly shock or fire can come about from practicing inadequate chandelier assembly practices. However, even if you’ve never worked with electricity before, you can install a chandelier by applying the DIY instructions and tips below.


Helpful Tips For A Safe Chandelier Assembly

Setting up a new chandelier is an excellent way to transform a dull space into a sparkling one. A vast range of fixtures is available in lighting boutiques to attract you. Even if the bundle of parts with certain fixtures appears intimidating, these tips can quickly help you grasp the process.


1) Put Safety Above All Else

When you’re prepared to install the chandelier, the first thing you should think about is safety. Please ensure the light fixture is turned off and all power is turned off to that particular area. Then remove the old fixture and double-check to see if the electric box is in the correct location.

Make absolutely sure the electricity is turned off by testing the wires. To ensure that the electricity to the wires inside the box is switched off, place the point of the voltage detector towards each wire. If the testing light comes on, turn off the circuit breakers or remove fuses one by one until the lights turn out. Remove the light fixture’s cables and disconnect them. Other wires should remain connected and tucked away inside the electrical box.


2) Check For Strength

Please make sure the beam, as well as the strut on which you plan to install your chandelier, is capable of supporting its weight. Note that the electrical box must be capable of supporting as much as 50 pounds of weight if it is fastened firmly onto the beam. If your chandelier is heavier than 50 pounds, it must be held separately from the electrical box and you may need to call a chandelier electrician, as this is no longer a DIY type job


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3) Find The Correct Height

Constantly hitting your forehead on a stunning statement piece is the quickest way to destroy it. As a result, it’s critical to have the height right. Follow these tips if the chandelier is not hanging over a table:


  1. To enable appropriate headspace in rooms with standard eight-foot ceilings, suspend the chandelier at least seven feet off the ground.
  2. For a space with higher ceilings, place fixtures at least eight feet high.
  3. The bottom part of the chandelier should dangle at the same position as the second level of a two-story foyer.
  4. Hang the chandelier at the center of the room, above the bed or a dining room table.


4) Assemble The Chandelier From The Ground

Build your chandelier according to the given instructions. More importantly, it would be best if you did this from the ground. First, ensure the wire is threaded through to the chain, looping in and out of the link. The mounting bracket should then be attached to the electrical box. Attach the junction box towards the chandelier. Bear in mind that both the lock nut and canopy have to go straight down towards the chain before being hung.


5) Carefully Wire The Chandelier

It’s now time to wire the chandelier. Start with the ground wires. After that, insert the cables further into the canopy and fasten them using bolts. Finally, put the canopy in position and secure it. For more information, consult the wiring diagram included in the box if there is one.


6) Finish By Putting In Additional Components

Now is the moment to attach or integrate any extra components that came with your chandelier. Put in your light bulbs, switch it on and watch as the chandelier lights up the room!

Chandeliers are the centrepiece of every room, adding grandeur and serving as the room’s highlight. The most critical aspect of the complete process of having your chandelier installed and running flawlessly is making sure to maintain your safety before and after the chandelier assembly. While you can undoubtedly try installing it yourself, it’s always wise to leave chandelier installation in the hands of licensed electricians!