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21 Feb, 2022
Posted by Platinum Electrical Services
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5 Signs You Need To Call An Electrician This Winter

It’s no secret that winter is a hectic time. Between shoveling snow, managing frozen pipes, and staying warm, there’s rarely a moment of respite for a property owner. However, one task that often gets overlooked during the winter months is paying attention to your electrical system. Between all the lights and appliances, not to mention the furnace that’s constantly running, you might find yourself dealing with some electrical problems. 

While many electrical problems are obvious and easy to spot; some can be subtle or seem like another issue entirely. These warning signs should encourage you to contact an electrician as soon as possible:


1. Burnt-Out Light Bulbs

It’s no secret how annoying it is when a light bulb burns out. Although you could replace the bulbs yourself, an electrician can do this for you while also checking your system to ensure that there are no other problems. 

While this doesn’t seem like the most pressing electrical concern, if you have lights that go out regularly, it might be something you want to look into sooner rather than later. The problem may be that the voltage coming into your home is higher than it should be. This can cause the light bulbs to burn out more often, and even create a fire hazard.

In other cases, you might have an excessive amount of lights on one circuit that’s preventing them from burning as long as they should. An electrician would help you determine what exactly the problem might be.


2. Sparks From the Electrical Outlets or Appliances

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If you see sparks coming from any electrical outlets or appliances, this is a sign of a serious problem that could put your home and family at risk of fire. This can happen if your home is poorly wired or if there have been problems with the system in the past. 

If you notice sparks around appliances or electrical outlets, you must call an electrician right away. They will determine if there’s an issue with your electrical panel and make any necessary repairs to keep your system operating safely.


3. Frequent Shocks or Sparks

Do you find yourself frequently getting zapped or giving guests a shock? If so, it’s likely due to faulty wiring. Although you might be tempted to simply keep your distance from appliances and outlets, this is not the ideal solution. When electricity is poorly distributed throughout the home, there’s an increased fire risk. 

If you find yourself frequently getting zapped, it’s essential to call an electrician immediately. They can run tests to determine if there are any problems with the wiring in your home. If they find an issue, they’ll let you know what needs to be done to fix it so you can stay safe and avoid future shocks.


4. Circuit Breakers That Trip Often

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Circuit breakers are installed for a reason—to protect you and your family members from potential electrical fires. If your circuit breaker trips often, it’s most likely due to faulty wiring or appliances that have short-circuited. You can hire an electrician to precisely determine what is causing the problem and then fix it, or you can simply upgrade your circuit breakers with higher wattage ones. Until then, try to avoid using any electrical appliances that might overload your system.


5. An Unusual Smell in Your Home

Much like a constantly burned-out light bulb, an unusual smell signifies that there’s something wrong with your electrical system. An electrician would be able to determine the exact cause of this issue and provide the necessary repairs to prevent it from occurring again.

In addition to an unusual scent, you might also notice that your outlets are warm or hot when you touch them. If that’s the case, turn off all power to the outlet and contact an electrician as soon as possible. This could be a sign that you need new wiring, or that there’s another issue with your electrical panel.


The Takeaway

When it comes to electrical issues, it’s better to play it safe. As busy as you may be this time of the year, always pay attention to the signs we just discussed so you can contact an electrician when it’s time. Finally, while it might be tempting to take care of the problem yourself, it’s important that you hire a professional to ensure your safety and well-being.