Proudly Serving Calgary and the Greater Area
Proudly Serving Calgary and the Greater Area
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100 AMP Panel

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Platinum Electrical Services - Electrical-Panel

The electrical panel is what keeps everything ticking along when it can’t handle the load.

platinum electrical services-Plugs, Switches, & Wiring

The electrical wiring of your home isn’t something most people tend to think an awful lot about.

platinum electrical services-Hot Tub Installations

Get your hot tub installed by the best electricians in Calgary

Platinum Electrical Services-Lighting

Lighting additions and upgrades to fit any style or budget!

Platinum Electrical Services-Electrical Inspections

Platinum Electrical Services offers comprehensive electrical safety inspections.

smoke detector

Having a reliable fire alarm and a perfectly functioning life safety system is a vital part of your building.

Platinum Electrical Services-Main Electrical Service Upgrade

The upgrading of your electrical service must be done by a certified electrician and cannot be performed by you.

Platinum Electrical Services-Chandelier Installation

We are experienced in Chandelier installation services, chandelier replacement or chandelier repair anywhere in Calgary & surrounding area.

Platinum Electrical Services-Surge Protection

Platinum Electrical Services offers comprehensive surge protection solutions

Platinum Electrical Services-Energy Efficient Upgrades

Boost the efficiency of your home’s energy usage with our help.

platinum electrical services-IR Thermography

We use thermography to detect any potential issues that could cause expensive electrical breakdowns in the future.

Platinum Electrical Services-Energy Efficient Upgrades

We offer mechanical repairs for Industrial, Medical, and Dental mechanical equipment.

platinum electrical services-Robotic Automation / CNC Programming

We provide this service for you through our trusted partners who have over 20 years of experience with CAD/CAM, machine tools, programming, and applications.

Platinum Electrical Services-Industrial Mechanics

We provide industrial mechanic services alongside our electrician services?

Dental furnace repair

As full-service electrical contractors, we provide servicing and repair of dentistry equipment.

platinum electrical services-Medical Equipment Repair

We are qualified electrical contractors experienced in servicing pneumatic circuits, hydraulic equipment, and electrical issues such as fuses or power losses on equipment.

platinum electrical services-Mechanical / Electrical Maintenance

The Mechanical / Electrical Preventative Maintenance Package is a tailored package for small and large sized businesses.

platinum electrical services-Electrical Maintenance

The Electrical Preventative Maintenance Package is for both commercial and industrial customers.

platinum electrical services-Mechanical Maintenance

Our Mechanical Preventative Maintenance Package covers all your mechanical equipment.

platinum electrical services-IR Thermography

Have us scan your mechanical and electrical equipment on a monthly, semi-annual and annual basis.

platinum electrical services-Fire Alarm

Fire Alarm and Life Safety systems are an essential part of a building which need to be inspected yearly by a Qualified Technician.

Platinum Electrical Services-24h Service

We offer 24 Emergency services for whenever you experience an electrical problem.


The number of circuits that can be on a 100 amp electrical panel varies depending on the manufacturer. If you have access to a 100 circuit panel there is no stopping you from reaching that capacity as long as you are not exceeding the load of the service which is determined by doing a load calculation for your home.

More times than not 100 amp panels are more than enough to supply power to the home. To determine if you require more than this a house load calculation will need to be done.

The difference between a 100 amp and 200 amp electrical panel is the size of the main breaker, the rating of the busbar in the panel, the rating of the panel enclosure, and the size of the wire supplying power to your home. A 200 amp panel can supply more power to your devices but a 100 amp panel is enough to do the job required.

To replace a 100 amp panel the cost depends on whether or not the panel is a subpanel or if it is a main electrical panel. Subpanels cost significantly less to replace than the main electrical panel due to requiring power disconnection.