100 / 200 Amp Service Upgrade

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When should you upgrade your service?

When you are looking to add a hot tub, sub-panel or you are planning on building an addition all these options and are good times to consider a service upgrade. At PES we don’t want you to rush into upgrading to a 200 amp service. Many would be customers all too often jump to wanting a 200 amp service, sometimes it isn’t advised a load calculation and careful examination goes into this important decision.

Unlike some home renovations the upgrading of the service must be done by a licensed electrician and cannot be performed by the homeowner. An electrical service upgrade in your home is a complex job that requires an experienced electrician and this is what Platinum Electrical Services promises, for quality and safety reasons. It takes technical know-how to upgrade the electrical service of a house from 60 amps or 100 amps to 200 amps for instance.

Call Platinum Electrical Services right away when you notice the following in your house:

  • When you had an illegal splice to your service (grow op)
  • When the lights flicker anytime you turn on a major appliance.
  • When your main circuit breaker trips often.
  • When your electrical panel overheats.
  • When you are considering an addition or major appliance addition.

Do not hesitate to call our expert electricians in Calgary the moment you have any suspicions that your home needs a full-service upgrade and we will promptly respond. The good news is that if we come around and realize that you do not need an upgrade, we will be completely honest with you.